RNRTV Welcomes Manta Ray Records as 2015 Sponsor

Manta Ray Records

RNRTV welcomes Manta Ray Records as our new sponsor for 2015.

About Manta Ray Records:

Manta Ray Records is Baltimore’s home for independent music talent. Below are some of the highlights of the indie label’s long history in the music industry.

2002 -Manta Ray Records was formed in the Daytona Beach, Florida suburb of Palm Coast by Mike Diamond. The label immediately started to catalog the Punk Rock/Metal scene in Daytona Beach and working with various out of state bands to try to kick start the Daytona Beach scene.

In 2006 – Manta Ray Records was doing promo work for Independent labels and agents from B.S.T. Productions, Street Legal Ent. to Epitaph/ Hellcat records. Manta Raydio grew to its biggest size yet with 2 syndicated programs and 6 full time programs.

2007 – Manta Ray Records expanded into a 2000 square ft, studio / performance space and started doing Hardcore, Emo and hip hop shows on various days during the week. Many southern touring bands came through our doors and played on our stage. Depending on the band, anywhere from 2 to 200 kids would be in attendance at any given night.

2012- The releases of: The Godz – Remastered, Auddio Viddeo – Blue Lights, Apollo Sun, and Thee Katatonix were all highlights. This was also a banner year for radio promotion as Manta Ray records worked heavily with NPR, Radio one, and our first promotion with Clear Channel.