RNR TV Playlist Episode #491

RNR TV fans, here is the Play list for episode #491, which will be airing from 9/13 – 9/26/15

1.deep blue something – all make believe off
2.modern baseball – your graduation
3.kamelot – insomnia
4.unbreakable – rock the night life
5.avi and the uprising – boom boom shiva
6.u.d.o. – the wrong side of midnight
7.darling down – never tell
8.the bellrays – infection
9.chandani – addiction
10.jet black alley cat – electric raazors
11.unsaid fate – our addiction
12. A breach of silence – there will be blood
13.will wood and the tapeworms – chemical overreaction/compound fracture
14.eluveitie – omnos
15.exodus – throwing down

We are also airing in new markets. Thank you for your support!